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Thessalon Section

Shaw Dam

46 kilometres of spectacular Northern Ontario landscape which runs between Bruce Mines and the Iron Bridge section of Voyageur Trail. Currently, club members from Sault Ste. Marie, Bruce Mines, Iron Bridge and Blind River (and points in between) work to keep this section hikable.

The trail runs parallel to the Trans Canada Highway (north of it) and passes by many inland lakes, picturesque beaver ponds and forest overlooks.

There is currently no active club in the area. Please e-mail the Association if you would like to form a club here.

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Thessalon Trail Conditions

(Updated February 2013)

A1 at the corner of Hwy 638 and Ledyit Lane, about 3 km N of the village of Rydal Bank to Bridgeland Road (A2) [4.7]: Passable (August 2008).

Bridgeland Road to Shaw Road (A4) [18.3] trail reroute complete (June 2012).

Shaw Road to road near Shaw Dam[21.9] Passable (August 2008). The Shaw Dam itself is CLOSED and trail reroute crossing Bridgeland River below dam is complete. NOTE: This water crossing is not passable at high water levels; please use caution.

Shaw Dam road to Tea Lake [25.7]: September 2007 - followable with care especially near beaver dam across wetland.

Tea Lake to Highway 129 (A6a) [29.0]: (autumn 2010) cleaned and blazed.

Hwy 129 to Long Lake [34.8]: Blazed and cleaned. (October 2005)

Long Lake [35] to A7 gravelled cottage road [39.3]: Cleaned and blazed (October 2005).
A7 to cottage road (A8) [42.4]: Trail rerouted for the first kilometre south-east of A7; rest of trail has not seen maintenance for at least three years so followable with care. (May 2009)

Local Information

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Local Links of Interest: Limberlost Lodge
Melwel Lodge, PO Box 209, Iron Bridge
Snowshoe Camp
Wakomata Shores Resort, RR#3, Hwy 129, Thessalon, ON P0R 1L0 Telephone 705-841-1067
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