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Fire Safety

The importance of being careful with fire cannot be overemphasized. Item 4 of the Trail User’s Code encapsulates the Association’s position. Many landowners are justifiably concerned about fire.

It is an offence to smoke while walking in the bush. You must sit down. As the surface layers of many northern forest soils are sufficiently rich in organic matter to burn when dry, one must be certain to extinguish all butts completely by grinding them out on a rock or in bare mineral soil. Then, consider the butts as garbage.

If you have a campfire along the trail, you must completely drown if with water or snow before leaving it. A forest fire can start from the smallest ember – never leave one unattended.

Please check out the safety guides below:

General Guides
Equipment and Water
Fires and Smoking
Plants and Animals
First Aid
If you get Lost...
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