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Got a good picture from the Voyageur Trail? Add it to our photo album. and 40th anniversary photo contest.


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Anyone using the Voyageur Trail must abide by this code

1. Hike only along marked routes. Do not take shortcuts.

2. Do not climb fences.

3. Respect the privacy of people living along the trail.

4. Leave the trail cleaner than you found it--carry out all litter.

5. Light cooking fires at official campsites only. Drench fires after use. (Better still, carry a lightweight stove.)

6. Leave flowers and plants for others to enjoy.

7. Do not damage live trees or strip off bark.

8. Keep dogs under control (leash if necessary) and follow your club's guidelines concerning dogs.

9. Protect and do not disturb wildlife.

10. Leave only your thanks and take nothing but photographs.




Voyageur Trail Association Insurance

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INSURANCE: Commercial General Liability (CGL) dated April 2010

The CGL policy is a group policy purchased by Hike Ontario for itself and its member clubs and associations. It will defend the VTA - the association itself, as well as its volunteers and employees - against claims filed for bodily injury or property damage arising out of VTA and VTA member club activities. It does not provide personal protection to those who are just participating in VTA or club activities and who face a lawsuit arising from an injury or property damage. E.g., during a hike, the hike leader and sweep would be protected, but not other participants who joined the hike and had no official function. All work party participants, volunteers and employees, would be covered.

Only non-motorized activities are covered under the CGL policy. They include hiking, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, and boating (canoeing, kayaking and row-boating). For outings on water, all persons have to abide by federal and provincial laws regarding water craft.

Boating activities on moving water are covered for Classes 1 & 2 on the International Scale of River Difficulty <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/International_Scale_of_River_Difficulty>. Whitewater (Class 3 and higher) is not covered. However, the insurer will cover incidents where transitory weather conditions cause normally flat water to become rough enough to fit the definition of Class 3 or higher, and provided that it can be shown that due diligence was exercised and the incidents could not be anticipated.

Events hosted by the VTA or member clubs that are considered outside the scope of normal club activities may require a special endorsement from the insurer and entail payment of an additional premium. E.g., one such event was the celebration marking the jubilee anniversary of the founding of the VTA and which included games, amusements and food. If such events are planned, the H.O. insurance coordinator should be informed who will contact the broker and inquire about the need for a special endorsement.

The amount of coverage under the CGL policy is up to $5 million per incident and limited to an aggregate amount of $5 million for the policy year. The policy underwriter is Intact Insurance (formerly ING), Toronto, Ont. The policy is renewable on May 1st each year through H.O.

Directors and Officers Liability (DOL)

The DOL policy is currently a stand-alone policy purchased by the VTA and will defend the VTA executive, board members and club executives against claims filed for wrongful fiduciary acts and general failure on the part of executive and board members to carry out their official duties or acted in a manner that contravened the associationís charter or constitution or the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

The DOL policy provides coverage of up to $2 million per incident and is limited to an aggregate amount of $2 million for the policy year. The policy underwriter is Royal and Sun Alliance, Calgary, Alta. and the broker is Intercity Insurance Services, Aurora, Ont. The policy is renewable on April 30th each year.