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How to Affiliate with the VTA

Do you have a trail that you would like to affiliate with the Voyageur Trail system? Here's all you need do...

The intent of the Voyageur Trail system is to build and maintain a hiking trail from Thunder Bay to join up with trails in southern Ontario via the Sudbury region and, hopefully some day, over Manitoulin Island. Ideally, your trail runs east-west in this general geographic area, but other trails can be considered as well. It's best to contact the Voyageur Trail Association and check it out.

Ideally, you or your association will purchase one yearly membership ($25) so that you can keep up-to-date on trail issues affecting your trail.

The trail should be on either your own land, or built with permission from the landowner. The landowner must agree that the trail can be opened to the public at least for hiking. (If you can get written permission, so much the better!) We close the entire Voyageur Trail system for one day a year to keep it from becoming a public right-of-way. You can let your landowner know this so he/she understands that affiliating with the VTA will not sign away any property rights.

We like to keep in contact with our landowners and send them our newsletter, so names and addresses should be kept current. Landowners are allowed to advertise for free in our newsletter if any of their lands which house a portion of our trail are for sale.

If the landowner wants to temporarily close a section of trail, or arrange to have it moved to a different location, encourage them to contact us. We do what we can to keep our landowners happy!

If the trail is on Crown Land, then you should have obtained a work permit to build the trail from the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources. Check with us if you have further questions.